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Where to Buy Ivermectin for Humans

When it comes to buying Ivermectin for humans, there are several options available. You can buy Ivermectin over-the-counter (OTC) at pharmacies and drugstores, in some countries. However, since 2020, due to pressure and lobbying from well-funded vaccine companies, the governments of many countries have made it difficult or even impossible to purchase in many jurisdictions. In many Western counties it has been outright banned, while in some others it has been changed from a OTC drug to a prescription only drug, and doctors have been pressured to not prescribe it, or even threatened with losing their licenses, if they do.

In this post we will go through the specifics laws in many of the countries where it is hard to acquire, and talk about some of the specific details about how individual governments have colluded with Big Pharma to stop their citizens having access to this wonder drug, that is on the WHO’s list of the World’s Most Essential Medicines.

While you may not be able to access Ivermectin in your country of residence, it is possible to order it online, and we have successfully helped people in most of the countries around the world where it is difficult or seemingly impossible to acquire, with Australia, unsurprisingly, being the most difficult to get it into.


It is impossible to purchase Ivermectin in Australia

The country with some of the worst lockdowns rules anywhere has very strict laws on Ivermectin. At this moment in time it is virtually impossible to purchase Ivermectin in the country. Many Australian have resorted to purchasing and consuming animal Ivermectin or paste, as human grade medicine has been as good as outright banned, with many doctors there reporting they were threatened by the TGA for prescribing it.

As of September 11, 2021, the TGA changed the status of Ivermectin in Australia, putting it on a special list of 30 substances which only certain medical practitioners can prescribe. For these particular substances, the doctors prescribing must be specialists of a particular type, or have special approval from the head of their state or territory’s health department. There was a petition to repeal this ban, with 105,201 signatories however the Ministerial Response was that the ban would not be removes to keep Australians “safe”. Safe from the dangers of this very helpful medicine, which is extremely low in toxicity, has almost no side effects, has been taking in billions of doses by millions of people over the last 3 decades, and has no known interactions with other drugs.

While Australia is the most difficult country in the world to get Ivermectin into, some entrepreneurs there have been capitalizing on the black market sales, some successfully and some not so successfully. With strict border security checking all packages going into the island nation and more recently with increased security since imports of this drug and hydroxychloroquine have multiplied exponentially, it is now harder than ever to purchase Ivermectin in Australia. That said, it is still possible to buy it there if you know where to look.


People in Canada can't buy Ivermectin in the country

Similar to Australia, Canada was subject to extremely harsh and draconian lockdowns over the past few years. Ivermectin is available in Canada, but you will have to have a valid prescription from your doctor – which is almost impossible to acquire. Ivermectin has been on the list of approved drugs for use in Canada since 2002, when it was initially approved by the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), and subsequently by Health Canada in 2002.

However, Ivermectin must be prescribed under special circumstances as outlined on the Ivermectin Use Guidance documents released by the TPD and Health Canada on October 30th, 2020: “Ivermectin should only be used for treatment or prevention of infections caused by parasites such as head lice, scabies, and river blindness.” The statement goes on to say that Ivermectin should not be used to treat COVID-19, or any other viral infection.

Doctors in Canada were sanctioned at first for stockpiling hydroxychloroquine and later for Ivermectin as well. Some doctors were censured and fined for helping their patients by prescribing them this medicine. This was done openly and publicly as a warning to other doctors who might have been considering stepping out of line and going against Canada’s public health directives.

Despite this, demand for Ivermectin from Canada has remained strong, and the need for this essential medicine has only increased over time as more and more people seek to get their hands on Ivermectin to protect them from covid or help them detox the poison they were mandated to inject into themselves.

United Kingdom

Get Ivermectin in England

Ivermectin is available in the UK as a prescription medicine, but with some restrictions. Ivermectin is not yet approved for human use in the UK, so it can only be prescribed by an NHS doctor and is only allowed to be used for very specific medical conditions, such as scabies or head lice. It cannot be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription from your GP or other healthcare professional.

The British Ivermectin Initiative (BII) was set up to facilitate easier access to Ivermectin in the UK, and has been pushing for more clinical trials into its efficacy for treating COVID-19. The BII also campaigns against the draconian lockdowns that have been imposed in the UK, and has been actively advocating for Ivermectin to be made available over-the-counter, or at least much more accessible with less restrictions. In the UK, Ivermectin has been investigated for its effect on covid-19, however this seems like more of a delay tactic than anything else. They can make a new mRNA vaccine in 3 days, but they can’t work out if this thoroughly tested and well-researched medicine can help after over a year studying it..

If you are based in the UK and looking for Ivermectin, you may wish to talk to your GP about it and see if they will prescribe you Ivermectin. Similar to most other Western nations however, doctors in the UK are under a lot of pressure to not prescribe Ivermectin in the name of “safety”, and most are too afraid of the repercussions to do so. That said, it is now possible to order online into the UK without issues.

United States

Get Ivermectin in the US

In the United States Ivermectin is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use, but only under specific circumstances and with a prescription. Ivermectin is available over-the-counter in some states, but it is still not widely accessible due to tight regulations on its usage. Ivermectin has been used for decades in veterinary medicine and agriculture, and was approved for human use in the USA way back in 1996.

The FDA initially refused to approve Ivermectin for treating Covid-19 due to a lack of clinical trials showing its efficacy against the virus – however since then there has been a groundswell of anecdotal evidence from doctors around the world who have prescribed Ivermectin to their patients, and reported amazing results. Ivermectin has become increasingly popular as an off-label treatment for Covid-19 in the US, but it remains controversial amongst doctors and health care professionals, many of whom have been shown to have received kickbacks from vaccine sales in uncovered secret contracts with the manufacturers.

Many Americans have resorted to flying to other countries to purchase Ivermectin, however it can be shipped in directly from overseas.

New Zealand

Get Ivermectin in New Zealand

In New Zealand Ivermectin is not approved for human use and the sale of Ivermectin is illegal without a prescription. Demand has been skyrocketing in New Zealand as more people become aware of Ivermectin’s potential to help protect them from Covid-19, however it remains difficult to obtain legally.

The Ministry of Health has come out strongly against Ivermectin and actively discourages doctors from prescribing it. That said, there are still some doctors willing to prescribe Ivermectin off-label for their patients who are looking for an alternative or preventative treatment against Covid-19. It is possible to order Ivermectin into NZ from overseas, but there are restrictions and it may take some time for the package to arrive.

Other Countries

In most parts of the world Ivermectin can be obtained relatively easily and shipped in directly from overseas if not easily available locally. However it is important to check your local regulations as Ivermectin laws vary widely between nations, states and provinces. If you are unable to buy Ivermectin in your country, get in touch with us and find out how we can help you get some. Access to this life saving medicine should not be restricted for anyone.

Overall Ivermectin is a very effective and safe option for treating a range of conditions, including Covid-19 and vaccine side effects. It is important however to make sure that you get Ivermectin from a reliable source in order to ensure that it is genuine and has not been tampered with in any way. Ivermectin has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and save millions of lives, but it’s up to us to ensure that we are taking steps to make this medicine more safe and accessible.

Ever since the vaccine rollout there has been a very well-funded smear campaign against this wonder drug to label it as a horse dewormer, when it has been widely – and safely – used by humans for decades. This has worked somewhat, with some NPCs still believing these lies, although some popular celebrities such as Joe Rogan, have opened up many people’s eyes to the reality of this Nobel Prize winning medicine.

If you would like to get some Ivermectin for yourself or those you care about, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.