Vaccine Detox Kits

Due to demand from customers seeking to purchase all the essentials for vaccine detoxing and side effect recovery at one, we have put together comprehensive vaccine detox kits for our customer. For people in countries where some of the medicines we sell are restricted, due to the necessity for us to ship discreetly, it is not ideal to send large packages internationally as this will draw attention to the package, meaning it is more likely to get intercepted on the way in. For customers in certain countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.) it makes more sense to purchase the easy to access vitamins and amino acids (zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, NAC) locally, and just order the hard to acquire medicines from us. That said, we can ship to almost anyone but for difficult countries we may need to send in multiple packages, sent out a few days apart from each other to maximize the chance of the order getting through.

Our packs contain all of the supplements we have been using with out protocols to help those who are suffering from side effects after injection. Even if you are not currently injured, but are concerned that the possible clotting from the shots will affect your health at a late date, you may want to order one of these kits to help remove the toxins from the vaccines.

Each kit will contain:

 – Ivermectin (3 strips x 10 tablets x 12mg)
 – Hydroxychloroquine (1 strip x 10 tablets x 200mg)
 – Superdose Vitamin D (1 box x 8 capsules x 60,000IU)
 – Amalaki Natural Vitamin C (1 bottle)

 – NAC w/ Selenium (1 bottle x 60 capsules x 600mg)
 – Zinc (1 bottle x 60 capsules x 50mg)
 – Thai Herbal Medicines (1 packet x 30 capsules)

The above packs are enough for one adult to fully complete our recommended detoxing protocol of 5-7 days initially (IVM, HCQ, Zinc 100mg+, and Vitamin C & D), with further dosing once only, every 1 to 2 weeks after the initial 5 days for at least the following 3-6 months. Zinc (50mg), NAC, Amalaki, and the Thai Herbal Capsules (which contain only medicinal plant matter such as Fah Talai Jone and Rung Jut) can be taken daily. If you are an above averagely large person (over 90kg) you will need to add an extra strip of Ivermectin to your order as the dosage for Ivermectin is recommended as 0.4-0.6mg per kg of bodyweight, so you will need to take 3 x 12mg tablets per dose.

Vaccine detox kits

Each kit is enough for one adult. Should you require extra Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, or Thai Herbal Capsules (the NAC and Zinc bottles are sufficient to treat multiple people), speak with us and we can add on extra as per your requirements.

The price of our Detox Kit is 6000 baht – including shipping – to anywhere in Thailand, equivalent to US$170.

Other Supplements That Can Help

Some other supplements that we do not stock, but are currently using and/or testing for efficacy in treating some of the patients we work with include:

 – Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) or Black Cumin Seeds
 – Fulvic/Humic Acid
 – Chlorine Dioxide
 – Magnesium
 – Vitamin K
 – Spirulina or Chlorella
 – Activated Bamboo Charcoal
 – Bentonite Clay
 – Boron

We also recommend intermittent fasting, juice fasting (freshly-made juice only – nothing from the supermarket), or full day fasting (if you are up to it) to speed up the detoxing process. Exercise also helps, however it would be best to complete your first 5 days of detoxing before attempting very intense cardio workouts to minimize the risk of heart attack, stroke or SADS.

Other supplements that can help


Warnings about Detoxing

Detoxing can be hard on the body. If your body is heavily parasite infested from poor dietary choices from: eating raw/rare meat, uncooked or insufficiently cooked seafood which includes people who eat a lot of sushi – especially if it’s not fresh, unwashed vegetables or salads washed in unclean water, or if you were injected some time ago (there are several researchers who claim to have found parasite eggs in the vaccine serum), you may get an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhoea, and rarely even nausea and headaches the first day after you take Ivermectin.

Warnings about detoxing

This happens as the parasites die off and are flushed out of your body, but usually only on the first day after taking the medicines and only in a small number of people (around 5%). If you are in good health for the most part, you will likely not experience this effect.

N.B. If you suffer from bad breath, there is a high possibility that you are parasite infested, and the smell is caused by the excretions from the parasites within your body.

Zinc – which must be taken with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to help them work effectively – can also cause an upset stomach if taken in high doses (over 50mg) on an empty stomach. For this reason we recommend always taking zinc with food, as the 100mg+ we recommend taking per day can be too much for most people’s stomachs to comfortably handle all at once. Some people might prefer to take 50mg with breakfast and then 50mg again with dinner if they are sensitive to zinc supplementation.


Another issue with zinc is that it leeches copper from the body (and copper does the same to zinc), so when supplementing with high doses of zinc, it’s a good idea to get a bit of extra copper through your diet. That said, it is much more common for people to be zinc deficient than copper deficient. 

N.B. If you have premature greying of your hair it is highly likely you are copper deficient as this is a major cause of it. 

Vitamin D is more easily absorbed when the body has sufficient zinc, however this vitamin requires magnesium to be properly absorbed so will quickly deplete your body’s magnesium stores, especially when taken in high doses, for an extended period of time. For this reason some people take magnesium supplements along with their vitamin D (usually at night before bed, as magnesium can help with sleep).

Vitamin D

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