Vaccine Detox Kits


Your solution to side effects and concerns about long term repercussions of the toxic injections. Cleanse your system of the toxic nano-tech spike proteins and heavy metals in the shots.

Each kit will contain:

 – Ivermectin (3 strips x 10 tablets x 12mg)
 – Hydroxychloroquine (1 strip x 10 tablets x 200mg)
 – Superdose Vitamin D (1 box x 8 capsules x 60,000IU)
Amalaki Natural Vitamin C (1 bottle)

 – NAC w/ Selenium (1 bottle x 60 capsules x 600mg)
 – Zinc (1 bottle x 60 capsules x 50mg)
– Thai Herbal Medicines (1 packet x 30 capsules)

All of the essential supplements we have been using on our patients to help those who are suffering from side effects after injection. Even if you are not currently vaccine injured, but are worried about the consequences of the shots that will likely affect your health at a late date, these products have proven to help.

The above packs are enough for one adult to fully complete our recommended detoxing protocol of 5-7 days initially (IVM, HCQ, Zinc 100mg+, and Vitamin C & D), with further dosing once only, every 1 to 2 weeks after the initial 5 days for at least the following 3-6 months. Zinc (50mg), NAC, Amalaki, and the Thai Herbal Capsules (which contain only medicinal plant matter such as Fah Talai Jone and Rung Jut) can be taken daily. If you are an above averagely large person (over 90kg) you will need to add an extra strip of Ivermectin to your order as the dosage for Ivermectin is recommended as 0.4-0.6mg per kg of bodyweight, so you will need to take 3 x 12mg tablets per dose.

For more information on our kits, see here. If you need more information on a protocol for your specific condition, please contact us to find out