Near Infra-Red LED Light (670nm)


Near Infra-Red LED Light (670nm). The 670nm near infra-red wavelength/frequency is known to help with healing and vision repair. These lights can be used to improve eyesight and promote skin healing, muscle repair, and hair growth.

Near Infra-Red (NIR) LED torches, emitting light at a wavelength of approximately 670nm, are used for various therapeutic purposes due to their potential health benefits. This specific wavelength is thought to penetrate tissues effectively, promoting cellular repair and regeneration. These torches are commonly used in photobiomodulation therapy, which has been explored for its effects on improving skin health, reducing inflammation, and promoting wound healing. Additionally, research suggests that NIR light can help in managing pain, enhancing blood circulation, and supporting muscle recovery. Such torches are portable and can be used conveniently at home, making them a popular choice for those seeking non-invasive treatment options for various health issues.