The covid vaccinated population of Canada and the USA

Population Projection if All of the Vaccinated Pass Away

The following interactive map shows the percentage of people who complied with one or more covid experimental injections. By now it is clear from the huge increase in excess deaths in all highly vaccinated countries, and the plethora of vaccine injuries all around the world, that the shots are slowly poisoning everyone.

Injection rates were much higher in North and South America, Western Europe, Asia, and Oceania, than they were in most of Africa, much of the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

As we are now seeing a huge increase in excess deaths across all highly vaccinated countries, it is feasible that the depopulation that Bill Gates openly talked about in his now infamous TED Talk is already in play, and we will see these numbers increase as time goes on.

The above interactive map shows the remaining populations in each county, should all (100%) of the people who allowed themselves to be injected, die.

India would remain the most populated country in the world, with just over 400 Million people full unvaccinated (down from 1.45 Billion), however China (previously 1.4 Billion) would fall from being the second most populated country in the world, to third – with only 115 Million people remaining, behind Nigeria (145 Million). Following these the next most populated countries would be Ethiopia (83 Million), Pakistan (78 Million) and Indonesia (74 Million).

Comparison with Deagel's 2025 Forecast Numbers

A screenshot of the Deagel forecast archive

You may have heard about the infamous and the data they previously hosted on their website showing their predictions for the global population in 2025. The data is no longer available on that site, however you can see an archived version of it here.

We’ve analyzed the Deagel numbers (which predicted a huge drop in population for the majority of Western countries) but the data does not make sense if the vaccines are expected to be the cause of the huge increase in mortality which was forecast for 2025, as many highly vaccinated countries in Asia, the Middle East, and South America are forecast to have a stable population or even an increase by 2025.

The Deagel 2025 forecast showed a huge decline in population for many Western countries (and a few other countries) including:

  • Angola – From 32 Million to 19 Million (41% decline)
  • Australia – From 25 Million to 15 Million (40% decline)
  • Austria – From 9 Million to 6 Million (30% decline)
  • Canada – From 37 Million to 26 Million (30% decline)
  • France – From 67 Million to 39 Million (42% decline)
  • Germany – From 80 Million to 28 Million (65% decline)
  • Ireland – From 5 Million to 1 Million (75% decline)
  • Israel – From 9 Million to 4 Million (54% decline)
  • Italy – From 62 Million to 43 Million (31% decline)
  • Jordan – From 10 Million to 7 Million (31% decline)
  • Libya – From 7 Million to 3 Million (52% decline)
  • New Zealand – From 5 Million to 3 Million (33% decline)
  • Spain – From 50 Million to 27 Million (46% decline)
  • Switzerland – From 8 Million to 5 Million (37% decline)
  • UAE – From 10 Million to 5 Million (53% decline)
  • UK – From 65 Million to 14 Million (78% decline)
  • USA – From 332 Million to 99 Million (70% decline)

However, the data also showed a stable or increasing population in many other highly vaccinated countries over the same time period. Most notably:

  • Bangladesh – From 162 Million to 178 Million (10% increase)
  • Dominican Republic – From 10 Million to 11 Million (10% increase)
  • Georgia – From 4 Million to 5 Million (18% increase)
  • Lebanon – From 6 Million to 7 Million (10% increase)
  • Nepal – From 30 Million to 33 Million (10% increase)

Based on the above data, we cannot find any correlation between the data on the site, and the number of vaccinated. James Corbett did a detailed video breakdown of the forecast on his website, which you can view above. He also concluded that the Deagel numbers are meaningless, based on nothing, and likely incorrect.