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A video from Dr Lodi who specializes in parasite removal recently went viral. In the video he talks about how heavy metal toxicity, parasites, and cancer are all connected and how every single one of us is infested with parasites to some degree. He also goes into detail about the protocols he recommends to get these nasty worms out of our bodies. Based on his protocol, we have created a parasite removal kit which has made a huge impact to the lives of everyone who has taken it. 

This information is of interest to us as we have been helping people with cancer post-vaccination – using Ivermectin as part of a larger protocol – quite successfully, and recent studies show another anti-parasitic Dr Lodi recommends, Febendazole (also the very similar Mebendazole), and also Niclosamide also help in a similar way.

A logical conclusion from this information this is that cancer growth is somehow related to parasite infection, and that perhaps what we think we know about cancer is incorrect. To find out more about parasites and cancer, refer to our blog post on the topic here.

Dr Lodi's Parasite Protocol

In the above video, Dr Lodi goes into detail about his recommended protocol for thoroughly getting out all of the parasites in the body. According to his experiences, if you only take a single type of anti-parasitic, or if you use natural anti-parasitics (such as wormwood), you will only kill off some of the worms, and others will dig deeper into your organs to hide out and lay their eggs.

For this reason he recommends taking at least 3 anti-parasitic medications at the same time, and doing very long courses (3 weeks on, 1 week off, 3 weeks on again) to ensure all the eggs are killed off and parasites that have dug themselves deep into the cell tissue are also killed off completely as well.

It is important to note that EVERYONE has parasites and they may be causing some of all of your health problems without you having any idea at all, so anyone can benefit – some people greatly – from doing a regular parasite detox.

Dr Lodi’s recommended protocol for Parasite detoxing (worms, not protozoa) includes the following:

Ivermectin – 12mg taken 3x per day.
Febendazole or Mebendazole – 222mg taken 3x per day.
Praziquantal – 600mg taken 3x per day.

3 weeks on, 1 week off – to give the liver a break, then 3 week on again – to ensure all the parasite eggs or recently hatched parasites are killed off.

For Protazoa parasites Dr Lodi recommends:

Tinidazole – 100mg taken 3x per day.

and for Funguses he recommends:

Fluconazole – 200mg taken 1x per day and/or
Nystatin – 1mL taken 4x per day.

Our Experiences with This Protocol Thus Far

We have been testing this protocol on a smaller scale than what Dr Lodi recommends and the results have been incredible.

Several patients (including some of out staff who are healthier than at least 90% of the rest of the population) reported excreting some very large dead worms (some long, up to 1m, and some fat and short – and occasionally still alive) after just a few days on the protocol. This is usually accompanied by some stomach pain as the deceased (or sometimes still alive) parasites exit the body.

We were originally planning on doing our detox testing with 1 week on, 1 week off, then 1 week on again, but for those who were still excreting large worms we continued the protocol for another full week after that last noticeable parasite came out.

Patients who were heavily parasite infested reported more energy, better mood, more positive outlook, and less cravings for junk food/sugar as some of the side effects once having killed off many of the parasites in their bodies.

Parasite Detox Kits

Due to the availability of medicines only in specific sizes, our protocol is slightly different to Dr Lodis. And we recommend everyone start with a 2 weeks course. If during the first week you notice parasites coming out or feel different to normal, it’s likely that you have a problem, and you should continue, however if you feel nothing it may be worth waiting for a week, then taking the second weeks course to kill off any eggs or newly hatched parasites.

Our parasite cleanse kits include enough anti-parasitic medication to cover you for around 14 days:

Ivermectin 3 x 12mg tablets per day – 40 tablets (4 strips) – taken at 3 different times over the day.
Mebendazole 1 x 500mg tablet per day – 14 tablets – half a tab taken at 2 different times over the day.
Praziquantal 3 x 600mg tablets per day – 40 tablets (10 boxes) – taken at 3 different times over the day.

The total cost for this kit is 6000THB or US$170. This price includes free discreet, global shipping.

You can also add Tinidazole to your kit to target protazoa parasites as well, for an extra $30.
Tinidazole 1 x 500mg tablet per day – 16 tablets – half a tab taken at 2 different times over the day.

Please get in contact with us if you would like to know more about how this protocol may help you, or click here if you would like to order.

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