Is Monkeypox just Shingles?

As you may have seen from our vaccine detox and recovery case studies, or on Pfizer’s list of side effects, Herpes Zoster – otherwise known as Shingles – is a common problem post-vaccination.

We have successfully been able to treat multiple patients suffering from this skin condition and other similar skin problems, by targeting the cause of the internal inflammation and stopping the body’s genetically-altered DNA manufacturing the toxic spike protein.

Vaccine induces shingles is likely a symptom of a far larger internal problem within the bodies of the victims of this grotesque and painful illness.

recovery from shingles/herpes zoster

A New "Pandemic"

The media has been pushing the Monkeypox propaganda hard for the last few weeks, and Governments around the world – spurred on by the WEF and IMF bribes, ahem, I mean covid loans – are also parroting this false narrative. 

The aim of which is to keep the masses in constant fear, and to also have an excuse for the vaccine induces shingles – with identical symptoms to monkeypox/smallpox – that are beginning to show up as people’s immune systems slowly self destruct as their T cell counts get lower and lower, essentially causing vaccine-induced HIV.

Why You Can't Trust the Media

If the last two years of lies, fearmongering, fake statistics, biased reporting, and gaslighting hasn’t taught you anything – feel free to go out and get your Monkeypox vaccine right away. However, if you’re at all suspicious of the mainstream media after their constant fearmongering, coercion, and blatant, never-ending lies, then you would be wise to think twice before believing anything else that they say.

Below is some more proof that these parasites cannot be trusted.

Fake imagery to portray a false narrative, just like they did with the “overflowing” hospital pictures, often including dummies in beds to make it look as though emergency rooms were full. You might remember when multiple news stations in several different countries got caught out using the same footage to pretend hospitals in the USA and Australia were struggling, when they were just recycling footage from Italy. CBS News even posted a public apology for misleading their viewers.

TV news lying about where the hospital footage is from

And following is another selection of recent, fake “monkeypox” news from your favorite propagandists in the mainstream media. Using old imagery from previous years, to spread fear and paranoia, instead or showing real images of actual people who have contracted monkeypox – if those even exist – in 2022.

NY Daily News and The Sun UK using the same old photos of monkeypox
NY Daily News using old imagery from The Sun in the UK from 2018
BBC Monkeypox Fake News
BBC News using pictures on Monkeypox from 2017 in an attempt to scare people in 2022
Old picture of monkeypox being used in 2022
MSNBC News using pictures from 2010 to depict the "outbreak" in 2022

So since we can’t trust the mainstream news to report honestly, who can we trust? How can we know what is real and what isn’t? Since we have been working with sick and vaccine-injured people for years already now, we believe we have a pretty good picture of what is really going on here.

As people’s immune systems get weaker over time, as the toxic spike protein their bodies are making erode away at their T-cell count and their natural ability to fight off other illnesses, we are seeing huge increases in a plethora of diseases, including many skin problems.

Shingles (herpes zoster) is one of the most common. As time goes on and people get weaker and sicker, this symptom of a larger underlying problem is going to be used to usher in the next false pandemic, using Monkeypox as the scapegoat. How do we know? Well, they’re already telling us, for those who have the eyes to see.

Suspected Monkeypox cases are mostly shingles

What to do if you have Vaccine-Induced Shingles

We can’t speak for people who have regular shingles (non-vaccine induced), but we have has quite a bit of success treating people with shingles as a result of the vaccine. Pfizer were forced by court order to release their experimental trial data, showing over 1200 potential side effects including a variety of herpes zoster (shingles) and related illnesses. From our experience treating serious side effects, the other types of covid vaccines also cause these symptoms. You can see some of the shingles “side effects” listed below, taken from this Glossary of Pfizer’s side effects. The image below is far from exhaustive, please do your own search through that Glossary if you would like to find out more about any specific symptoms that might be a sign of toxicity from the poisonous injections.

A list of herpes zosted side effects from Pfizer

If you have been vaccinated and are at all concerned about the possible health implications that are yet to come, or are already suffering from noticeable side effects or feel like your health is slowly getting worse after injecting the poison, we highly recommend working on your health and trying to detox as soon as possible. Take a look at the protocol we have been using to help vaccine-injured patients here, or get in touch with us to find out more about other alternative therapies we are currently testing to stop people slowly dying from this genocide.