Human-Grade Horse Paste​

There is an obvious smear campaign being run against the wonderful, Nobel Prize-winning “horse paste” which is sometimes also referred to (by those with an agenda) as “animal de-wormer”. Despite the fact that this “horse paste” is on the WHO’s List of Most Essential Medicines (for humans), this narrative is still being pushed by the media and those who seek to profit from it staying out of the limelight. Even though it has a very long track record of safe usage for around 40 years, with little or no side effects, some naive people still believe it to be dangerous for humans to ingest.

Aren’t you glad you’re not that easily brainwashed?

happy horse

FUN FACT: Did you know, that pharmaceuticals are almost always tested on animals to see if they have similar effects before being developed and released to the public?

Thousands of doctors world-wide (not to mention millions of veterinarians), support the use of “horse paste”, and have seen – first-hand – the beneficial effects of it on the health of those taking it. Censorship is rife however and several large online companies are attempting to control what we see online, blocking people who make videos or post things they might have a negative impact on their investments in certain experimental “medical” practices.

Fortunately, a human-grade version of horse paste is now available in tablet form. Click through to our homepage to find out more about how you can get some, or check the Resources or Peer-Reviewed Studies page if you want to nerd out and learn some stuff about things some very rich and selfish people don’t want you to know.


If you’re too lazy to read and just want to ask someone for more info, get in touch with us here, and we’ll give you all the information you want about the coming “horse paste” revolution!