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If you have questions about Ivermectin and it’s usage, or want to know more about acquiring a supply of this wonder drug for yourself while in Thailand, please get in touch via Line or the contact form below. Our friendly, medically-trained staff are always happy to take your call.

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Currently we can ship to almost all countries. Logistics can be challenging and we are under a lot of pressure from the corrupt institutions who are profiting from keeping people sick and unable to access these medicines. If it is difficult to import into your specific country, feel free to reach out and ask us about our experience and methods for shipping to there. 

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If you have any questions about any of our medicines, treatment protocols, or even if you want to know if we can help you source other products – please feel free to reach out and contact one of our friendly staff. 

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2020 taught us that we need to be more informed and concerned about our health and our medical choices.
Ivermectin usage has not yet hit mainstream, however positive sentiment towards it and demand for this miracle medicine is on the increase. Keep you and your family safe by keeping a supply of Ivermectin on hand, you never know when you might need it.